Lucas Sanders


Major & School:
Finance at
University of Utah

Start Date:
May 2020


Luke is a student at the University of Utah pursuing a major in Finance and a minor in Information Systems. He is a student leader at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Club and enjoys helping students successfully grow their startups. He also spends time working with one of his professors on their side projects to gain more experience across different investment opportunities.

In his personal time, Luke works on growing his skills to become a better investor and provide value where he can. He enjoys working on deals, growing his network in the startup world, and hopes to make a positive impact in the community he is in. As a personal venture, he has partnered with angel investors to bring them quality deal flow and help them create a more diversified portfolio by combining capital from multiple investors to reach the minimum investment required. When he graduates, he hopes to put these skills to use by pursuing a career in Investment Banking or Private Equity.

Outside of work and school, he enjoys being outdoors fishing, hunting, and snowboarding with family and friends.



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