At University Growth Fund, we combine

Exceptional Students

World-class Professionals

Real Investment Dollars

to Create a Powerful Educational Experience

See how we set our student associates on a better trajectory:

Working at UGF

It’s not a class. It’s not a club. It’s not a case study. We are a full-fledged investment firm, investing real money into companies, and entirely accountable to our investors. As students, we work extra hard to make the best investment decisions possible.

Teams are incredibly important at UGF. We rely on the collective experiences, knowledge, connections and resources of everyone at UGF to make investment decisions and help our portfolio companies succeed.

Since we expect everyone to add value at UGF, we also give all our students a voice in the investment process. Every student plays a critical role in ensuring that we make good investments through their due diligence, expertise and vote.


UGF fosters a collaborative meritocracy where thoughtfulness, hard work, and being self-motivated are rewarded. Once accepted to our program, we promise you 4 months of hands-on investing experience, great training, and access to great mentors. Those who perform well as interns are promoted to associate and invited to stay with us until they graduate. Our best associates are promoted to senior associate, gaining unique access to leadership, scholarship and networking opportunities.

           “Part of the Team”

  • Work on Deals Day 1
  • Access Robust Training Program
  • Learn from Senior Team Members
  • 4 Months | 1st Semester

      “Backbone of the Fund”

  • Develop Sector Expertise
  • Participate in Additional Training
  • Eligible for Scholarships
  • 8 Months | 2nd & 3rd Semesters

    “Partner-like Experience”

  • Source, Lead and Manage Investments
  • Train and Mentor Junior Staff
  • Receive Specialized Training
  • 4th Semester until Graduation


Investing real money requires a tremendous level of accountability and responsibility. Most firms don’t trust students with that level of responsibility. However, we believe that with training and setting the right expectations, students can rise to the occasion. We need students that are passionate about investing and entrepreneurship. People that go the extra mile to ensure the due diligence is complete. People that make the necessary sacrifices to ensure that their team meets deadlines. We expect all of our students to be hard workers, dependable, team players, and self-motivated.

  • 20hrs per Week Minimum Commitment

    Where and when you work is mostly flexible

  • 5hrs per Week Spent in the Office

    Some learning only happens in person

  • Attend Weekly Staff Meeting

    Market, Porfolio and Deal Updates & Assignments

Change Your Trajectory

Make no mistake: working at University Growth Fund will likely be one of the hardest things you have done. However, it will forever change your career trajectory by opening doors you weren’t even aware existed. UGF is a platform that can be used to achieve whatever goals you have. For the past 8 years, UGF graduates have gone on to secure many of the most prestigious jobs at investment firms, consulting firms, startups, and tech companies. They have started venture-backed and bootstrapped startups. They have attended top-tier graduate programs. In every case, our program gave them a leg up on the competition. They can speak the language and have deeper conversations with industry professionals. They can hit the ground running and have actual experience to add immediate value to future employers.

  • “I can’t say enough about UGF. It was the best thing I did while in school…  I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for University Growth Fund.”

    – UGF Student
  • “I REALLY can’t say enough about UGF. It was the best thing I did while in school…  I can honestly say that I would not be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for University Growth Fund.”

    – Another UGF Student
  • Amazing Networking Opportunities

    UGF students are able to network with top tier entrepreneurs and investors by working on deals, attending conferences, and on relationship building trips.

  • 100% Placement at the best jobs

    UGF students don’t just get a job; they leverage their experience to secure some of the most prestigious, most competitive jobs out there.

  • Hit the Ground Running

    Investing real money gives UGF students real experience, enabling them to hit the ground running in their new careers and adding immediate value.

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Since Inception
Pay Premium of
At Graduation
Program NPS:
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Applying to UGF

Meet us face-to-face. Show off your smarts and passion for investing and entrepreneurship.
Format: 15 minutes, 2 easy questions, 1 hard question.

Pick one of three companies and tell us if we should invest. Be creative and dig deep on the diligence.
Format: 1 week of due diligence and preparation; memo and presentation

Come in and give us the actual pitch on the analysis you performed. Be prepared for one of the toughest interviews of your life.
Format: 1 hour to present your analysis and answer our questions.

What do we look for?

We recruit across majors, disciplines, degrees, schools, etc. We have undergrads in English and Ph.D.s in Genetic Engineering, and everything in between. We pride ourselves on bringing in people with a wide range of experience, expertise and perspective. Our only requirements are that you are a student attending school and living near one of our offices in Salt Lake City or San Diego.

  • Passion

    We want people that eat, breathe and sleep investing. We want people that recognize this unique opportunity, not those looking for just a line on their resume. Working at UGF will mean short-term sacrifices, but for those willing to work, they will gain experience that is rarely matched.

  • Intellectual Horsepower

    Our investors expect us to generate great returns. This requires the ability to think analytically and strategically. Often we are attempting to predict the future with very little information and back up those predictions by investing real money. The learning curve is steep and will require your very best.

If this sounds like you, apply below. We recruit several times per year. Keep an eye out at your school for more information on resume and cover letter drop deadlines, info sessions, etc.

Apply Now!