Grace Han


Major & School:
Bachelor of Science in Finance at
Brigham Young University

Start Date:
May 2019


Grace Han is a finance major at Brigham Young University. As the daughter of immigrant entrepreneurs, she picked up an early interest in business and the applications that it has in the lives of individuals on a global scale. Today, Grace enjoys looking into various business models and learning about the innovation behind these different companies. She is especially interested in the budding role that technology is taking in providing and enhancing educational opportunities for people across all social sectors.

Grace also loves to study chemistry. She has obtained a minor in chemistry and looks for ways to apply her knowledge in this area at its intersect with business.

In her free time, Grace enjoys playing harp, going on easy hikes, perusing the aisles of the craft store for her next artsy project, and perfecting her skills in making Chinese dumplings.



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