David Divver

Senior Associate

Major & School:
Bachelor of Science, Accounting at
University of Utah

Start Date:
May 2017


David was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He stayed in his hometown and is studying accounting at the University of Utah. David Is very passionate about new and developing companies. He is currently working for an outsource CFO company called Preferred CFO; they provide full level accounting services for small developing companies. He joined University Growth fund to learn how his accounting skills could be optimized being an external user. David is passionate about education, and is driven to learn as much as he can about business strategies. He plans on pursing an MBA degree someday.

David loves entrepreneurship and hopes to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into sustainable companies. He developed this love while he was working at Knox Capital and was responsible for creating relationships with entrepreneurs in high growth startups. He eventually wanted to experience being an entrepreneur and started a window washing company with two of his good friends.

David is passionate about sports, and focused on basketball in high school. where he helped, his team win a state championship his sophomore year. He enjoys football, baseball, hiking, swimming, being with friends, and anything in the outdoors.


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