Clay Coleman


Major & School:
Computer Science / Business Management at

Start Date:
May 2016


A senior attending BYU, Clay has a wide variety of interests and skills outside of venture capital. Last summer, he interned at Facebook on their team, building technologies to empower individuals in developing nations to access the internet. He is a competitive table tennis and badminton player, skills developed while living in Malaysia; he volunteers for a hospice care organization; and he organizes visits to the local youth detention center in Provo. Clay is fascinated by foreign cultures and languages. He loves to travel and interact with locals in the native tongues, and he speaks four languages fluently.

Clay loves to read, and his favorite books include The Fountainhead, The Alchemist, and How to Win Friends and Influence People. He also enjoys politics and discussing new ways to solve modern problems in society and government. If he’s not reading, learning, or coding, Clay can be found watching baseball or following the latest updates on Twitter.


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