Utah Venture Capital Case Competition

The Utah Venture Capital Case Competition gives students the opportunity to think and act like venture capitalists. Over 7 weeks, students will learn from experienced venture capitalists through 4 educational workshops and compete in teams of 2-4 people to find, analyze, and pitch investment opportunities. While only the top 5 teams will have the unique opportunity to pitch to our panel of esteemed VC judges, all participants are welcome to attend the educational workshops and network with students and venture capitalists along the way.


4 Educational Workshops
Taught By Venture Capitalists

Pitch Competition Judged
by Esteemed Investors


Teams mentored by
venture capitalists

Network with driven students from universities across Utah


First Place:
$2,000 + Dinner with Judges

Second & Third Place:
$1,000 & $500


Xinyu’s Experience

Xinyu Fan, 3rd Place at the San Diego Venture Capital Case Competition
“My favorite part of the process was receiving guidance from my group’s venture capitalist mentor who gave us valuable feedback and direction for our pitch. In addition to the great learning opportunities I had throughout the training workshops and pitching process, networking with one of the VC judges led to the opportunity to intern with his private equity fund. Overall, I gained much more from this experience than what I initially expected.”

How the Competition Works

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    Kick-Off Event on October 16

    The competition kicks off on October 16. We will cover how the competition works and then start training right away. Don’t have a team yet? Don’t worry! Our team will help connect you with others at the end of the meeting to ensure all interested individuals can participate in the competition. Teams will have until October 23 to sign up.

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    Participants will learn how to think and act like venture capitalists through 4 educational workshops. Everything from finding investment deals to performing due diligence to convincing your investment committee to support your investment will be covered. Workshops will take place at different universities around Utah. Logistics for each workshop will be sent out prior to each event to everyone signed up to receive competition emails.

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    Selection Process

    The top 5 teams will be selected by the quality of their deal sourcing and memo submissions. These 5 teams will have the unique opportunity to prepare a presentation and pitch their investment to our esteemed panel of VC judges. While only 5 teams will participate in the pitch competition, all participants are welcome to attend the 4 educational workshops and network with students and venture capitalists along the way.

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    The top 5 teams will be partnered with an experienced private investor to mentor and support them through the final due diligence and presentation process. This unique opportunity is one of the best networking and learning experiences students can have throughout the competition. We highly encourage students to work diligently throughout the early processes of the competition to qualify for this special opportunity.

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    Pitch Competition on December 4

    After 7 weeks of learning, networking, and mentoring, the event will conclude with a pitch competition modeled after a venture capital fund’s investment committee meeting. Teams will pitch their investment and supporting due diligence to a panel of esteemed venture capitalists. The winning team will receive $2,000 and have dinner with the VC judges following the competition. Second and third place teams will receive $1,000 and $500, respectively.

     Competition Schedule

          Kick-off Event and Venture Capital: October 16 from 6-8 p.m. at BYU
          Deal Sourcing and Screening: October 23 from 6-8 p.m. at USU
          Due Diligence, Part I: October 30 from 6-8 p.m. at Westminster
          Due Diligence, Part II and Presentation: November 13 from 6-8 p.m. at UVU
          Pitch CompetitionDecember 4 from 6-8 p.m. at BYU

     Submission Deadlines

          Team Application Deadline: October 23
          Top 3 Companies Submission Deadline: October 30
          Memo Submission Deadline: November 16
          Final Presentation Submission Deadline: December 3

Next Event: Competition Kick-off on October 16


The Utah Venture Capital Case Competition kicks off this Wednesday, October 16  at our University Sponsor, Brigham Young University. The event will be held in room 151 of the N. Eldon Tanner Building from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

We will start the event by covering how the competition works and answer any questions you have about timeline, deliverables, or any other competition-related item. Next, we will dive into our first training where venture capitalist Peter Harris (University Growth Fund) will teach you how to source early stage investment deals. After the training concludes, we will help any competition participants find a team to compete with if they do not already have one.

Light refreshments will be served.



On-campus parking is available to students who do not attend BYU or UVU.

The largest and closest visitor parking lot to the Tanner Building is north of the BYU Museum of Art. Take Bulldog Blvd. toward campus. The road becomes Campus Drive once you are on campus. Continue straight through the light and roundabout until you arrive at the visitor parking lot.

Go to the BYU Marriott School of Business website (Click Here) for more information.

Subscribe to Competition Emails

Team Registration is Due October 23

Frequently Asked Questions

Teams compete in groups of 2-4. If you don’t have a team yet, you should still sign up and we will help you find a team.

The best way to learn and gain a competitive edge in the competition is to attend each event in-person. If you cannot attend a workshop, you can watch a recording of the workshop on this website. For obvious reasons, the top 5 teams are required to attend the pitch competition.

Teams that advance on to the final stages of the competition are paired with a local investor to help them improve their due diligence and prepare for their final pitch.

Any full-time student enrolled at a higher education institution in Utah is eligible to participate. This includes both undergraduate and graduate students. Team members do not need to attend the same university.

Rather than send out a case study like many other competitions, we are teaching you to think and act like real venture capitalists. This means learning how to source your own deals, perform due diligence, and convince your investment committee to support your investment. Progression throughout the competition is determined by the quality of the three deliverables: sourced deals, investment memo, and investment pitch.

Each event will be hosted at a different university in Utah. Event location and instructions on how to get there will be sent via email. Sign up to receive these emails using the button towards the top of this web page.