Nicholas Van Slooten


Major & School:
Chinese and Economics at
Brigham Young University

Start Date:
May 2019


Nicholas is a business enthusiast who believes that businesses can solve many social and environmental problems in the modern world. He is passionate about enabling others to overcome challenges and develop their talents.

Nicholas is pursuing a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University (BYU) with a dual major in Chinese and Economics. He earned a 36/36 score on the ACT, and he received the Thomas S. Monson Scholarship — a full-ride academic scholarship awarded to the top 50 students in each incoming class — as well as the Samsung American Legion Scholarship.

Nicholas has worked as a performance forecasting analyst for the Utah Department of Transportation creating processes to manage and quantify enterprise risk and methodology to optimize funds. He has also worked as a research assistant in the BYU Economics Department developing a section of a Python program to scrape lunch menu data from school websites to analyze socioeconomic trends.

Nicholas has a great love for Chinese language and culture; he spent two years volunteering on a church mission in Taiwan before college, and he has since spent a semester studying at Nanjing University in China. He enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and playing the violin.



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