Founded by Kiran Bhatraju in 2014, Arcadia is a better, easier and cheaper way to achieve clean energy. Growing up in Appalachia, a region largely impacted by the harmful affects of the coal industry left Bhatraju inspired to decarbonize the energy industry. Arcadia pledges to be a climate-change-fighting tech company with an urge to reinvent the way small businesses and everyday consumers view power through innovative API's and software. Earlier this year, Arcadia founder, Bhatraju, called upon President Biden and the Democratic majority in Congress to pass legislation allowing the expansion of third-party community solar in all 50 states. This call to action has been battle-tested seeing that Arcadia has more than $440 million in residential utility bills processed, and 675,000 utility accounts onboarded. Arcadia plans to bridge the gap in a slow moving industry by enabling automation and real time analysis in order to become the most effective low cost energy solution. Learn more at